Stay Clean Jolene

by Stay Clean Jolene

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Tracked with Jake Evans at Big Red Studios in Macclesfield on 26th and 27th April 2014.
Additional guitars and vocals recorded by Will Farley at Brocklehurst Rocks in the Peak District over two subsequent weeks.
Mixed by Will Farley
Mastered by Jerod McBrayer at McBrayer Mastering in San Francisco CA.
Design and artwork by Dave Longshaw


released December 12, 2014

John Dagger - Vocals/Guitar
William Farley - Guitar/Vocals
Daniel Borszcz - Bass/Vocals
Neil Durkin - Drums/Vocals



all rights reserved


Stay Clean Jolene Manchester, UK

John Dagger
William Farley
Daniel Borszcz
Neil Durkin

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Track Name: Concrete Block
just a promise to the weakness and the shaking
none of this I've never known before
now I'm face down, on the concrete
can you hear me, can you see me?
I'm never gonna make the same mistakes
you're never gonna have to hear the words
I'm so sorry no more
ends will never end, starts start again
take it on the chin, foot off the brake
who are you, where are you now?
don't touch me
I'm not moving, I'm just thinking
I don't know how, I can't say why
next light shines, here I go
Track Name: Heads & Breakables
here it comes like a shot, gonna blow you away
at the start there were fears, still nothing was said
with you I never noticed
everyday just the same try to put me away
it's hard admitting mistakes
started off as a spark, ended up as lightning
throw it all away
with you I can't remember
with you i don't feel anything no more
make a move, take a chance, 'til you get what you want
when we were close, you were closer than I'd ever know
so now we only trust ourselves
in the end whose to blame when I called you my own
giving up on good old times
giving up on reasons why
so fire away, the only thing that's left to say is 'why?'
Track Name: Miles Apart
you insisted you'd lost your way
and it gets harder
you'd give it all for one more day
you hide, do you know why?
we were singing Dogs of War
and I know how much you cared
never wanted this to end with nothing
some day not now
any given moment, any given time
could you hold the line
and don't ask why?
now we're miles apart
I can still hear what your singing
if there's any time
you need a helping hand
Track Name: Green
did you try to make some sense
'cos this is not what I would call regret
there's no more lies
they're just words
'cos i won't listen
I'll just say
forget about yesterday
another day another war
I don't really care, not at all
there's a new sound, I guess you heard
'cos now you listen, when I say
forget about yesterday
wishing your time away
the hardest part for me is said and done
looking back on years
so called friends who disappeared
and the hardest part for me is over
somewhere in the middle
is a red light saying 'go'
and the pictures in the back you don't want to know
do you believe in the devil?
well I met him long ago
he said 'keep your faith and we'll watch the world explode'
Track Name: One Hundred
looking back on my life story
the ones I miss the most
took away far too early
both young & old
I get to hear the same excuses
now listen close
you're so sorry that you couldn't make it
when it's over then you'll know
I once listened to the best intentions
but I missed the boat
it's funny how the world can trick you
through eyes half closed
well I can bow down to reason
reason don't know
get a hundred answers
she want's a thousand more
time will let you know
there's no sign which way to go
can't stand what the music says to me
can't say I won't listen anyway
never thought I'd need you so much
just don't hide away, don't ever let it go
Track Name: Old Songs
fire in the hole no need for tomorrow
there's no way I'll stop this flowing
gone so long, my senses numb
face on the wall, I'm chasing the shadows
if I'm breathing, you're breathing
case of pride, the losing kind
even though we've said goodbye
we'll let the ghosts surround us
I still hope to catch your smile
play your old songs
let time stand still
and we'll sing along for you
Track Name: All I Need
let's get it right, you don't know me so thanks for leaving
you've seen the light, well that's good for you
I don't wanna hear the time or the place
when you found some saving grace
try to erase your yesterdays
let's get it right, bastard son, no religion
you made it back, but that's good for you I'm glad you made it
but, all this talking circles round back to you
need a new recruit for your ship of fools
could it be the truth? could it be you're right?
going nowhere, nothing changes
cant rearrange the past, I know it's hard for me to move along
live by numbers, when the answers clear
all I ever needed is right here
Track Name: Record
you can wear the crown just don't forget you're nothing
just remember why you're here and who for
as they build you up are you ready for the knock down
here comes round one just don't open up
you can play the clown just don't forget who's laughing
and sometimes the tears are all that you need
and along the way you know you can't be no one
I guess that's all that matters to you and me
you want it all so go get it all, don't let 'em take what you believe
you've got no control just credit, this last parade, your jubilee
you can wear the crown just don't forget you're nothing
just remember why you're here when you fall
sometimes the world we're in is easy
I guess sometimes the world needs misery
Track Name: Easy Target
tomorrow comes around too soon
you won't even notice 'til it's gone
I just sit around and stare
memories pass by but I still care
hope you have fun, hope you still smile
hope you find someone out there
hope you can trust
every hour of every day
you can almost feel it fade away
hit the ground running on air
safe to say you're leaving, wave goodbye
after all we've said and all we've done
there ain't no easy way to try it
there ain't no easy way at all
I can see your colours start to run
and I know we're the easy targets
I know we're the ones to fall
Track Name: Replica
a new age boys brigade
just rebels without reasons
you've got your banners packed away
for your 'look at me please' weekend
you say it's all or nothing
and nothing's all that you wanna be
can't understand reaction
no rhyme with no reason
you're seen but not heard
London's still burning
from the day you showed up and made it an insult
a postcard souvenir
please notice me I'm here
it's the same old song again
just money from rebellion
I'm coming up for air
some of us just won't look the other way
I'm sick of trying
take a walk, come with me, fucking casualty
I'll show you meaning
if you ask me nice, I won't give the game away
I'll keep it inside, safe for another day
I'll turn my back
I'm looking at you in a whole new light now
coming up for air